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Grace and Truth Academy is a conservative, Baptist school. We teach from the Baptist Catechism. We welcome all Christian families who agree with our Statement of Faith.


Grace and Truth Academy Meets one day a week, for a full academic day. While students are considered homeschooled, Grace and Truth Academy provides curriculum, community, support, and fun activities. The primary teacher is the parents who are supported by the school. Teachers exist to serve and support the families. They are trusted individuals that enrich the at-home curriculum.


The Charlotte Mason philosophy leans heavily on using living books in lieu of textbooks to engage the learner. It also has kids use narration, a practice of the child explaining—in their own words—what they just read in order to solidify the information. It usually incorporates more hands-on activities than a traditional, classical education as well.

At Grace and Truth Academy history, science and Bible rely on living books as much as possible in order to engage our students. If you would like to help us build our library, click here.


A classical education is one that seeks after truth, beauty, and goodness through the liberal arts and great books.


Grace and Truth Academy uses the trivium: grammar stage, logic stage, and rhetoric stage. Grammar students (K-6th grades) focus on knowledge: facts, definitions, skills, etc. Logic students (6-9th grades) focus on understanding: they begin to fit the facts together asking “what” and “why.” Rhetoric students (9th-12th grades) focus on wisdom: they learn the proper use of knowledge and understanding.


At Grace and Truth Academy students are split into four forms: Lower grammar (K-2nd), Upper grammar (3rd-5th), Logic (6th-8th), and Rhetoric (9th-12th). Each student, regardless of age, learns about the same topics in history, science, arts, etc. but to different degrees. Older students learn in depth while younger students are introduced to people, facts, definitions, and other key information. This allows the family to learn together!


Grace and Truth Academy uses a 4-year cycle approach to education. A student who begins in 1st grade, will repeat each cycle three times, with increasing depth, before graduation.

Year 1
Year 2Year 3Year 4
ScienceBiologyEarth Science & AstronomyChemistryPhysics
BibleOld & New
Church HistoryTheologyApologetics