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Grace and Truth Academy

The Freedom of homeschooling with the support of a school.

Opening in Utah for the 2024-2025 school year!



Charlotte Mason

Educational Freedom

Grace and Truth Academy gives families the freedom of homeschooling with the support of a school. With their kids being given a full academic day moms can run errands, clean the house, or play with littles. For older students, let us help you keep track of grades and transcripts!


As parents, we are called to educate our children to the glory of God. Our school exists to support parents in this endeavor. Using a combination of the trivium and living books we strive to help parents disciple their children through education towards a Word-centered life and worldview.


Each year students work on memorizing A Catechism for Boys and Girls. During our Theology Cycle older students will delve into The Baptist Catechism or the Heidelberg Catechism. We help parents catechize their kids so that the world can’t.

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